Bundle Builder

Generate multi-page bundles of existing products, allowing customers to build bundles with inventory syncing, discounts and minimums.


Why is a new product created when I create a bundle?

This is how the Bundle Builder app works. When you create a bundle a ghost product is created in your store’s admin. This allows us to ensure the inventory is synced correctly when someone purchases the bundle.

Why is a new variant added when someone purchases a bundle?

When a customer checkouts they will see a unique bundle number attached to their order. This is added as a variant in your store’s admin. We need the unique Bundle numbers stored in the admin along with the sale and bundle contents information to ensure all your products and variants inventory are synced correctly.

Can I change the name ‘Bundle #’?

Yes. You can change the prefix/wording of 'Bundle #' in the app at the bottom of the page when you create the bundle.

How do you show the individual products that make up the bundle in the cart, instead of just the product bundle?

We use Shopify's line item properties to show customers their bundle contents in the cart and in email receipts and order confirmations, and some merchants use this to help fulfil orders. If you set the line item properties to show in your theme and email templates you can see the bundle contents listed out like this example screenshot (taken from our demo store selling fruit):

Bundle items are shown in the cart, but not as seperate products

Shopify have a handy guide on how to integrate the line item properties here:

Then once integrated go to the Bundle Builder app and click on the ‘Settings’ button in the top right hand corner and click ‘General’. Scroll down and enable the checkbox ‘Enable line item properties’, and Save.

We can not show the items as individual products in the cart because having the 'bundle product' is how we manage inventories and discounts, which wouldn't be possible if the items were separate. For example, if there was a minimum of 5 products per bundle, once added to the cart the customer would have the ability to remove one/all.

Where can I see the SKU for each product in the bundle?

You can enable the SKU for each product to show on the cart page. Click on the ‘Settings’ button in the top right hand corner of the Bundle Builder app and click on ‘General’. Then enable the checkbox for Show SKU, and Save.

Individual product SKUs should also show up by default in the 'Orders' section of your Shopify admin when someone places an order for a bundle.

Why can't I change the setting from 'Single' to 'Multiple' after creating a bundle?

Once a bundle has been created, the product set up setting, either ‘single’ or ‘multiple’ cannot be changed, however you can create a new bundle.

How do I add my own styles?

Click on the ‘Settings’ button in the top right-hand corner and then click on ‘Design’. We have included a ‘Custom CSS’ box for you to add your own CSS to override the Bundle Builder styles.