Bundle Builder

Generate multi-page bundles of existing products, allowing customers to build bundles with inventory syncing, discounts and minimums.


BundleBuilder allows store owners to create groups of products, which customers can choose from to create unique bundles. Minimums and discounts can be attached to each bundle if needed. After purchase, the inventory from each product within the bundle is removed from the stores inventory (and reversed if a discount is given).

How does it work?

Once you have completed all of the settings for your bundle, BundleBuilder creates an 'empty' product in your Shopify store.

This leads to the bundle page, allowing you to share the 'product' in newsletters and social media. Once on the bundle page, customers can configure their bundles, before adding it to their cart.

All product images, variants and stock is updated live, and once a purchase is complete, the inventory is removed from all of the products in the bundle automatically.


Installation is automatic. There is no code to change, and there are options for changing the visuals of the app, to ensure it seamlessly integrates into your store. Find out more about the installation process in the Bundle Builder docs menu.

Fully Customisable

You can add discounts and minimums to each bundle, and after each purchase, the inventory of each individual product is automatically removed.

Single, or multi-page bundles

You can also create 'sectioned' bundles, allowing you to separate your products into different sections. This could be especially useful for building bundles that fall into different categories, allowing the user to 'build' a product, such as a suit, or a custom product.