Bundle Builder

Generate multi-page bundles of existing products, allowing customers to build bundles with inventory syncing, discounts and minimums.


There are a few ways of integrating bundles into your store. We talk you through the options available below, and if you have any questions at all, please pop us an email at support@agile.haus

Adding to a collection

As BundleBuilder creates a 'product' every time you create a bundle, you can add the bundle product directly to your existing (or new) collections.

The product name will be the name set when creating a bundle.

Where the 'Product name' is set

You can then add this into a collection if needed.

Linking in a menu/slider, or from an external site (such as Facebook/Twitter)

We recommend using the 'Bundle URL' when linking from an external site, or in a menu or slider links, as this will lead directly to the bundle.

You can link directly to the product, it will just add a few seconds while the page redirects you to the bundle itself.

The two URLS generated by Bundle Builder.