What is Conversion Maximizer?

Here at Agile, our mission is to help Shopify merchants sell more. This year there’s been a lot of talk on using scarcity and urgency psychology in the sales process. So we put our heads together and built Conversion Maximizer; a new app to help merchants encourage their customers to buy with real-time data-driven alerts.

“There is potential for visitors on your website to procrastinate and try to delay their decision to buy... Introducing a product or time shortage, your customers will be less likely to delay their buying decision.” Quote is taken from a 2017 Shopify article ‘While Supplies Last’.

Our app, Conversion Maximizer, takes this concept one step further by adding social proofing into the mix. Showing potential customers that peers are viewing and purchasing your products validates the purchase and increases their likeliness to buy.

The Conversion Maximiser app has 4 alerts for you to customise and configure:

1. Dispatch Time

Show a live countdown until the last dispatch time for your warehouse. Set holiday/blackout dates, and vary the dispatch time by product/collection/customer country.

2. Live Stock

Show live stock information for all/any of your products. You can also choose to show a custom message when the chosen variant is out of stock.

3. Last Purchase

Show information about the last purchase of any chosen product. Configure to show name, purchase location and variant.

4. View Statistics

Show how popular products are by giving traffic data to prospective customers. Configure to show date range and custom text.