Hybrid Racing

"Our customers love the ability to build their own quote and move through the purchasing process."

Hybrid Racing is an automotive business with a “customers come first” approach. They sell large packages of car parts and wanted to be able to provide customers with a guided walk-through of the purchasing process and help them build their own quote in real time. There was no default way to do this and so they researched Shopify apps and found Bundle Builder.

William of Hybrid Racing says “we never deployed any of the other apps but we looked at a few and they were all much more complex from install to management while also being more expensive.”

Hybrid Racing installed Bundle Builder in the first few weeks after launch in the app store:

“When we first started using the app it was relatively new and we did request a few features that were developed and moved to production pretty fast. Response and support were always quick."

Hyrbid Racing is using the multi-section bundle option to create their packages. They have seamlessly integrated Bundle Builder into their brands online look and feel:

William goes on to say, Bundle Builder “makes it easier for customers to navigate through the process to get what they need.”

As of March 2018, Hybrid Racing has seen US$50,000+ in quotes through Bundle Builder.

William says “it helps us maintain sales and saves us a lot of time quoting customers. Our customers love the ability to build their own quote and move through the process.”

Date added

Mar 2018

App used

Bundle Builder


William at Hybrid Racing