The best way to get your alerts integrated into your store.

There are a number of options which help you to integrate Conversion Maximizer into your store.

There are two ways you can show the Conversion Maximizer alerts on your store. Either 'Separate boxes for each alert' which will show each of the individual alerts in its own box, or 'All alerts shown in a single box' which will group the alerts into a single box on your product pages.

Margin top and bottom
Set margins to create space above and below your main alert box.

'Spacing' will increase the amount of space between individual alerts.

Use the 'padding' setting to create more space around the text within each alert. You can use spacing to create clearer text, or keep it low to keep things 'tighter' within your stores design.

Border width
Choose how thick the lines around your alerts will be (in pixels).

Text alignment
Set text alignment for all of the alerts, showing either left, center or right.