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"We’ve seen a great increase in average cart value since we started using the Bundle Builder app in mid-2017."

Brazyn Life has an ethos: boldly, unabashedly, fearlessly live life” and owners Nate and Tom personified this when they whipped all four sharks into a frenzy on Shark Tank back in October 2017, where they showcased their invention; the collapsible foam roller. They left with a hefty $250k investment and projected sales of $2.4m over the next 12 months.

We recently caught up with Nate and Tom to see how they’ve been using our Bundle Builder app to optimize their offering on their Shopify online store...

Tom says, “we quickly realized that bundling items in our store would be complementary to our product line, which primarily consists of our flagship product and its accessories. By allowing customers to mix and match and customize their orders, we believe that our bundles provide a greater customer experience than the a la carte options we had previously offered.”

“Bundle Builder offered a simple, streamlined way to set up and manage product bundles in a way that’s more integrated in our store than other services could offer. We had not committed to using other bundle builder services prior to Bundle Builder, as we saw up front that Bundle Builder addressed our need better than the competition.”

“The app also allowed for us to better optimize our shopping cart value, which we had previously struggled to do, as customers didn’t have convenient exposure to all of our accessory products when they visited our store."

"We’ve seen a great increase in average cart value since we started using the app in mid-2017."

“The way that the app integrates with the theme of our store makes the app feel natural to our customers. It has worked wonderfully on the frontend of our store, with minimal glitches.”

“It’s simple, elegant, takes only minutes to set up, and offers great customer service. The support team even built out features that we requested on the backend of the app. Keep up the good work.”

We look forward to watching as Brazyn boldy, unabashedly and fearlessly kick goals this year.