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Choulala Box

"We've seen a two-fold increase in conversion because of Bundle Builder, including a three-fold jump in traffic to the site."

With its ingenious BLAST™ Method, Choulala Box helps parents save both time and money while giving children the wardrobe independence they crave. The store sells beautiful, sustainably-made clothes that can be mixed, matched and layered in countless ways.

We spoke with Rola Amer, the founder of Choulala Box to find out more about the story behind the company and to see how Bundle Builder helped her scale her business.

What’s the story behind Choulala Box?

Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of my time became an obsession. Scouring traditional retailers in order to shop for my kids' wardrobe needs was time consuming and exhausting. Nor could I find a one-stop online retailer that could help me simplify the process of what they needed each season. I also discovered that our kids' sense of independence starts as early as 2 years of age, when they exert their will of what they want to wear each morning; aka 'wardrobe tantrums'.

That's why I founded Choulala Box and the BLAST™ Method as an easy and fun way for kids and their parents to learn and shop all 5 categories of a wardrobe. I found when kids know these categories and how they work together to create outfits each day, they will literally have a BLAST™ in dressing themselves to express themselves, inspiring confidence and self-motivation. AND parents will have one less battle to deal with each morning, like my family and I do now because we've not only simplified the shopping experience but brought fun back into it.

Why did your online store need Bundle Builder?

Customer feedback indicated that the element of personalization and choice was the key to improving our conversion rate. We also wanted to differentiate the brand and create a unique experience unlike other kids fashion boxes by having customers build their own using our BLAST™ categories in the acronym sequence.

Was there a particular pain point that Bundle Builder answered for you?

Inventory management was one issue the app solved - and giving customers more options through a simple guided experience, which led to an increase of the average purchase amount for each user session. It also allowed us to add a point of differentiation from similar business models.

Why do you like using Bundle Builder? Any particular stand out features?

We enjoyed using the interface to build the experience we were after. We also loved the ability to customise the design so it matched the rest of the site, and how easy it is to select the right items for the bundle since as a fashion brand, our inventory changes seasonally.

How has it impacted your sales?

We've seen a two-fold increase in conversion, including a three-fold jump in traffic to the site as a result of the efforts we are putting in advertising a 'Build Your Own' experience both on Google and Facebook.