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"Bundle Builder has helped us up our sales by a significant amount...it has made up about 50% of our total sales volume!"

Frankees is an up and coming underwear brand from South Africa looking to put the fun back into your underpants. Their bold, colourful prints, along with the fact their sales through our Bundle Builder app were growing quickly, caught our eye and we knew we had to meet the guys behind this fresh new brand and understand how Bundle Builder is working for them…

Tim and Siya initially started Frankees to supplement their love for travel. Tim says “we wanted an online idea, so it would be easy to run it from anywhere. The underwear concept was next - we wanted to liven up the colours and authenticity of our country’s underwear game. More colour, more vibe!” And they certainly did that!

“We wanted to create packs at a discount for guys buying more than 2 pairs at once giving them a discount. We then thought to add some matching prints for couples and friends as we use some of the same prints for both our men and ladies lines and we had no idea how to do it without an app.”

“We had no idea how we could build a bundle at a discount to allow for multiple products in the basket with certain conditions. After researching apps, we found Bundle Builder, which made it easy to put this together and allowed the consumer freedom of choice. It’s just very simple to use and the functionality is great from a backend perspective.”

The guys are using 5 bundles on their site to sell their discount packs of pants and the matching undies. They are using a mix of single and multi-section bundles and have seamlessly integrated the bundles into their brand look and feel. But what about the impact on sales?

“After introducing the matching pairs concept especially, our sales have grown quite incredibly, it just made for an exciting alternative to selecting one of each style. And the bundle interaction is clearly welcomed by the consumer!”

"They have only had positive remarks about the ease of use and they love the concept of matching pairs of undies for couples and friends. Bundle Builder is a brilliant app, we are extremely pleased with the results."

Thanks Tim and Siya, we’ll be ordering up some of your funky undies for our team at Agile!

Check out the Frankees website here: https://frankees.com/.