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La Matera

"Bundle Builder has significantly impacted our sales and also helped increase our AOV."

La Matera sells beautifully authentic hand-crafted belts, bags, wallets and watches. The products are bright, colourful and hard warring, and what’s more, they’re meticulously crafted by local artisans.

They say the best ideas for products come from genuine authentic experiences, and this ecomm business is a true representation of that sentiment.

We spoke with Stefan, CEO and Director of Innovation, to discover more about the origins of the business and to find out how Bundle Builder has helped their online store grow.

How did La Matera startup?

La Matera was founded after a fly fishing excursion to Argentina and then working for a summer as a ranch hand on an estancia in the Argentine countryside. It was there that we became introduced to and fascinated by the gaucho and the gaucho lifestyle.

It's a style that's been around centuries and dates back to a time when the gauchos used to wander the countryside from estancia to estancia for work and sleep outside under the stars.

We thought the gaucho work belts were particularly beautiful and set out to make a belt that from the highest quality materials that were as rugged, sophisticated and versatile as the gauchos themselves.

Why did your online store need Bundle Builder?

We wanted to bundle our different products together for the holiday season so customers could purchase two belts, a belt and a watch, a watch and wallet etc.

Was there a particular pain point that Bundle Builder answered for you?

We needed to give the customer the ability to select a size for the belt and also be able to pair a product that required a size with a product that didn't require one all in a seamless experience.

Why did you choose Bundle Builder?

We didn't use any other apps but did research what was out there extensively. We didn't find another app that was as adaptable to our needs as Agile and provided the functionality we were looking for.

Why do you like using Bundle Builder? Any particular stand out features?

The ability to choose between a single page or a multi-page bundle build. We've also been very pleased with the customer service and willingness to help!

How has it impacted your sales?

Significantly. It has also helped increase our AOV, though it's hard to say exactly how much.

Have you had any customer feedback about the bundle offering?

Not directly but customers continue to buy bundles so that's got to mean something!

Thank you Stefan. We wish La Matera every success in the future. You can visit the La Matera site by clicking here :)