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"We generated over 100k additional revenue by being able to handle the pledge collection via our website, which is partly made possible by Bundle Builder."

Brands that push boundaries and create amazing products excite us.

If you told me a men’s shirt existed that repelled stains and odours and required minimal ironing, I’d think you were having a laugh. That is surely the definition of man’s perfect shirt!

Well it does exist and LABFRESH has created it.

LABFRESH is a fashion forward business creating the new generation of menswear with innovative textile technology and responsible production. Their mission is “to make your life easier, fight over-consumption and reduce waste.” This is a mission we resonate with and so we went to find out more about the “the most funded dutch fashion project in the history of the (Kickstarter) platform.”

We asked Orsi, LABFRESH’s Head of Growth, 8 questions.

What is Labfresh and why did you start it?

LABFRESH is a fashion-tech startup founded in January 2017. We became the most backed Dutch fashion project in the history of Kickstarter. We make products that look good, feel great and stand the test of life: by applying the latest textile innovations to pure, natural cotton, we are able to make our shirts stain and odour repellent, easy care and sustainable.

Why did your online store need Bundle Builder?

After an even more successful second Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to handle the pledge collection and order fulfilment directly from our webshop. Traditional services charge a high fee for this and on average 10% of the backers choose to purchase additional products during the process. Because we are able to handle the pledge selection through our website, partly thanks to bundle builder, we saw over 30% of customers selecting add-on products, generating a 100k additional revenue.

How are you using Bundle Builder?

We made a separate bundle for each Kickstarter pledge so the backers can choose the exact size, style and colour of the products they supported on Kickstarter.

Was there a particular pain point that Bundle Builder helped you answer?

Bundle Builder was helpful to keep our stock in sync and offer our customers a smooth pledge collection process.

How did Bundle Builder meet your needs over other apps?

We have thoroughly researched all bundle builder options in the shopify app store, but only Bundle Builder allows customers to customise their bundle on a variant level.

Why do you like using Bundle Builder? Any particular stand out features?

The fact that customers can customise the bundle products on variant level is a huge benefit.

How has it impacted your sales?

We generated over 100k additional revenue by being able to handle the pledge collection via our website, which is partly made possible by Bundle Builder.

Have you had any customer feedback about the bundle offering?

Customers are generally very happy about the process, although some mentioned that this is not the traditional way of pledge collection, since it is usually done with a simple survey, however that creates tons of extra work for retailers.

To follow this ongoing success story or find out more about their latest campaign visit the LABFRESH website.